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  • Finding the At-fault Persons in a California Dog Bite Case If you, or someone you love, has been either bitten or attacked by someone's else's uncontrolled dog, give me a call today, or download my free dog bite guide
  • Items that are Important in an Injury Bite Case Call Mark Blane today at (619) 813-7955 on your dog bite injury case!
  • Increase in Dog Bite Injury Statistics | Chula Vista Dog Bite Lawyer Explains Chula Vista Dog Bite Law Firm: According to one study at the Insurance Information Institute, across the United States, there was an increase in dog bite injury claims from 2008 to 2009. The number of claims increased to phenomenal 16,586 dog bite injury/accident claims in 2009. There were about 6.4% more dog bite claims filed in 2009, than in the previous year, 2008. In fact, 2009 was the third straight year in a row that there was an increase in such dog bite injury/accident claims.
  • Kid Safety & Dog Bite Injuries - What To Know - El Cajon Dog Bite Injury Attorney El Cajon Dog Bite Injury Law Firm: Each Summer means that more children will be playing in backyards and outside their homes around the neighborhood; especially in Southern California. It also means greater interaction between dogs and little children; and kids and dogs go together like "peas and carrots." However kids, especially the young ones, are not always prepared for interacting with these unpredictable, yet loving animals. That is why it is the right time to draw attention to dog bite safety among children and charge the adults with information to help educate the children. The fact is, children are by far the most frequent victims of dog bites in the United States.
  • California Leash Law by San Diego Dog Bite Injury Attorney Mark C. Blane Video Blog: California Leash Law Even though California does have a leash law for dogs, dog bites and animal attacks still occur. Under California law, you do not have to prove negligence in a dog bite case, but only that the dog bite occurred. As with all injury cases, the best way to prove this is with medical documentation.
  • California Strict Liability Law with Dog Bites and Animal Attacks Video Blog: California Strict Liability Law with Dog Bites & Animal Attacks San Diego Dog Bite Attorney Mark C. Blane explains how California law views the responsibility of dog owners and when they bite other people causing injuries. Strict liability law is briefly explored & what an injured person can recover.