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  • Preparing the Plaintiff for the IME | San Diego Car Accident Law Firm Preparation for the IME is important in any injury case. Before the plaintiff (injured party) goes to the medical examination (the independent medical exam called by the defense), he or she should review the medical records as the defense medical doctor will take a detailed medial history, often from date of birth forward.
  • Attending the IME Exam | What to Expect for your San Diego Car Accident One of the earlier California cases allowing an attorney-at-law to be present at an Independent Medical Exam (IME) called by the defense was Shariff v. Superior Court of City & County of San Francisco (1955). What is interesting from this case was the courts logic or rationale for why a representative would be needed in the exam:
  • Defense Insurance Medical Exams for a San Diego Car Accident Injury When the insurance company, in the first party stance, demands an exam, the plaintiff (injured party) should generally cooperate and attend in the accordance with the contract of insurance. However, safeguards should be insisted upon to the full extent as reasonably possible.
  • California Independent Medical Exams Exposed | San Diego Accident Lawyer As you will read below, IME’s are NOT “independent” in any sense of the word, and they are regularly used by insurance companies to improperly deny benefits to deserving people in their respective accident claims. The problem is at first blush it seems "fair" for an at-fault party to use an IME to understand the injured party's injuries; however, it is my opinion that they have been eroded to "pigeon hole" each injury claim as undeserving, and incentives are given to the IME doctor to be on a mission to look for anything, and I mean anything, that can make an injury case worth less no matter what (it is not about being independent or fair any more, and maybe it never was).
  • What is a California Indepent Medical Exam (IME) - California Injury Lawyer VIDEO BLOG: Do I Have to Attend an Independent Medical Exam on my California Personal Injury Case? You need to have the proper understanding of your bodily injury case in order to receive what you deserve for your troubles. In this video, attorney Mark C. Blaine explains the intricacies of an Independent Medical Exam (IME).