“It is shocking when you are driving straight and you get hit out of nowhere; it can happen fast, I mean it really can. My wife and I were headed 15 South up the hill towards Adam Avenue and were driving in the second to fast lane at about 60-65 mph. We heard a “screech” and I looked over my shoulder and saw this car coming over three lanes out of control and hit my wife’s side and sent us spinning and almost on the other side of the freeway. It caused about $7,000.00 to $9,000.00 worth of damage, and she did not have good insurance, and she claimed she was not at fault. We just asked Mark if he would represent our case to take it on and handle everything for us. He really took the hard part out of dealing with the insurance companies, the personal injury, and really made it easy for us. There are no surprises when he is representing you and going through your case. He is ethical and honest, and very open. And really from the beginning he will let you know the process of how things are going to go, and what to expect.

Mark’s office staff made everything easy and they handle all the paper work and it is sent over to us via email and they take it on a contingency. So your are not having to pay anything out-of-pocket up front with a lot of their cases. Which really makes it easy and makes you feel comfortable because you are being well represented. I also had to do a deposition for the other person’s insurance company and Mark was on the phone at the same time just to make sure that everything was fair, and ethical, and being don the right way. He has been great. Whoever we have sent over there he has done a really good job in helping them and being honest with them from the beginning. I would 100% recommend Mark Blane to anybody.”

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DATED MARCH 10, 2014

Marc G. Former Auto Accident Client