"Everything kind of got taken away in the blink of an eye. Mark was referred by a friend of mine when my dad had had an accident. My dad is an 81 year-old man, he is the father of 10 children, and 22 grandchildren. He got hurt in July 2011.......The first time Mark met dad he was at the VA pallotive hospice unit. His knowledge of the medical field and the law just impressed me a lot. Mark was also very compassionate to my dad. Dad gave him a "thumbs up." When we knew that Mark was going to take the case, we knew that dad was in good hands with him.

Mark made sure my mom and dad had no bills, he dealt with the insurance company, he dealt with the bill collectors, he dealt with all of it. He got mom and dad enough to take care of them for the rest of their lives. People need an honest lawyer, people need a man who has integrity, and who has compassion, and who is honorable. I could not ask for a better lawyer. I trust him. You know he has got the courage to go after the people who wronged you, and my dad wanted to tell his story. He said: 'the boy did a good job, and I am proud of him.' So, I am proud of Mark too."

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Former Client, Nancy I. on behalf of her father, Raymond I., of San Diego, CA