This video depicts a special testimony from the daughter of one of my head trauma injury cases, Raymond. Raymond was injured in July 2011 when a negligent driver of a Avis Shuttle bus let him off within 15 feet of a trolley crossing guard which is against the law. As you can see in the video, there is good reason to make this against the law. As soon as Raymond got off the shuttle bus the trolley arm came down on the Avis Shuttle bus becoming lodged between the mirror and the front windshield. The driver of the suttle bus panicked and began backing up the bus causing the arm to bend past compacity. As soon as the arm came back up in the apex position it fell from it's bolted position onto Raymond's head causing him to become unconcious. He was taken via ambulance to the hospital where he almost died.

Raymond was a decorated Korean war veteran originally from Vista, California. He has 10 children, and 22 grandchildren. He was combat wounded above the eye from shrapnel in a ground battle during the Korean war. I was able to settle his case for commercial policy limits about two months prior to trial back in April 2013.

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