Gerardo Del Campo is employed with The Law Offices of Dennis Dascanio as a "Workers' Compensation Hearing Representative." This means he works on cases with folks injured on the job, and he can go down to the administrative courts (Workers Compensation Appeals Board) of San Diego, and represent the interests of those injured against the insurance company. He can ask for justice on those cases just like a lawyer. He is allowed under the California Labor Code to do so based on his prior skill and experience.

Now, sometimes his clients have been injured by someone or something (entity) NOT connected with their employer and they have the legal right to pursue both their workers' compensation claim, and this "third party claim." That is where I come in. I take on the third party aspects of these workers' compensation cases. Gerardo needs a good lawyer to be able to refer out to you when the facts present itself for a potential third party claim.

In this video, he explains why he has used me in the past and why he continues to choose me as the go-to lawyer on such claims. Gerardo has been with his law firm since 1991, and he is a real nice guy too; and he knows workers' compensation law and regulations very well too. In fact, if you need help on your workers' compensation case, here is his contact information:

Gerardo Del Campo, The Law Offices of Dennis Dascanio, 1450 Frazee Road, Suite #603, San Diego, California 92108, Tel:  (619) 338-8399, website: .

If there is anything you need as far as an injury claim that you or a family member happens to be involved in, please give me a call at (619) 813-7955. Thanks for watching!

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