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You have to be super careful when it comes to dealing with the insurance companies because they are not on your side at all when it comes to your injury claims. They will focus on their bottom line every time and they do this by trying to devalue your injury case at the start. Don't let them do this, our San Diego personal injury lawyer says you have the power, not them.

This is why getting immediate medical care is crucial when you get injured by someone else not being careful enough with a safety rule. If you happen to miss any medical appointments, do your best to make them up. Don't have sporadic visits all over the place. Maintain a regular and consistent medical visit plan with your doctors. You do not want a defense lawyer later to label you as either "inconsistent" or "non-compliant" with your own medical care. So, don't give the insurance companies any reason to make those stands against your credibility. Your medical care becomes part of your "injury story" and you want that to be as credible as possible in case you have to go in front of a jury to request your case value. Be proactive and make each and every appointment, and follow all of your doctors' orders. 

Never speak to a defense claims adjuster, and don't ever let them record you for a "statement." Most of the time you have already made a recorded statement in the Traffic Collision Report, so why do you have to do another statement? You don't. The insurance company is just trying to catch you in an inconsistent statement or take your words out of context to help their side, not yours. Sometimes I have to protect my clients against themselves on this aspect of the injury case. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, that lawyer becomes your "voice" for the entire case - that is why you are hiring an experienced legal advocate in the first place. 

Gathering all evidence is key in your personal injury case. This includes the details. For example, if you get injured by a drunk driver, it is very important your injury lawyer obtains the criminal conviction record of the at-fault driver. Why? Because now you have 100% proof the drunk driver was drunk at the time of your injury and your lawyer can now argue for more damages known as "Punitive Damages." These are damages that are above and beyond your regular damages for pain and suffering, and that detail is also very important for your injury case. 

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