San Diego and Orange County Workers' Compensation lawyer Dennis Dascanio refers to trial lawyer Mark Blane for many reasons. Dennis is a certified workers compensation specialist for 29 years. This means he has taken extra training through exams and experience to be recognized as an expert in this legal field by the State Bar of California. Over the years, workers' compensation has become complicated, and he needs to extend his legal team beyond his own office. This means sometimes there are claims against a third party that caused a work injury and he needs a good trial lawyer to cover this aspect. He thinks of my office. Whether it is one of his clients, or a injury lead that came over the telephone to his office, he will refer that person out because he knows I will do my very best to help that person in their particular injury. This is called effective team work lawyering. And, ultimately it helps the injured person. This video explains why he uses my law office.

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