In the warm Southern California climate, people tend to walk around and ride their bikes with light clothes on and little protection. San Diego pedestrian accidents sustained by children and adults while jogging, biking or walking can be lethal or result in very serious injuries like brain damage, spinal cord injuries or multiple fractures.

Accepting a settlement before speaking to an experienced San Diego pedestrian accident attorney who has a thorough knowledge of California pedestrian laws and your rights as a pedestrian victim could result in you accepting an unfair settlement that won't address your medical and financial needs.

San Diego pedestrian accident attorney, Mark C. Blane, will work closely with both you and your physician to make sure that you or your loved one receives the best medical help possible. We also passionately advocate for you to get the financial means to bring your lives back to normal.

Our San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney Who Understands How Insurance Companies Work

The costs of a Southern California pedestrian or bicycle accident can be massive, not just in terms of out of pocket expenses, but also considering the compensation for pain, suffering, loss of income and disability. Insurance companies are going to fight this with all their might and power. Marc C. Blane has insider knowledge on how they prepare their defense, is familiar with the insurance adjusters' practices, knows how their injury claims settlement software works and has successfully fought most of the insurance companies in court.

California Pedestrian Laws and Partial Fault

Having disregarded a ‘Don't Walk' light, turned left without warning, or left your child unattended for a couple of seconds may haunt you when the result culminated in a San Diego pedestrian accident, but is the case lost?

According to current California pedestrian laws, the answer is NO. You can still file a California pedestrian accident claim even when you are partially at fault, but you need to act fast. San Diego pedestrian accident attorney, Mark C. Blane, will thoroughly investigate your pedestrian or bicycle accident, gather witness statements and find out if the vehicle driver or someone else has been careless or reckless.

The fault in most Southern California accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists is not a black and white question. California pedestrian laws follow the Pure Comparative Negligence rule and will reduce the compensation of damages with the percentage of fault apportioned to the injured party. Minimizing this percentage and uncovering the other party's negligence is where Mark C. Blane's skill and practice make all the difference.

Below is a sampling of the San Diego pedestrian claims we've handled over the years:

As you can see, there are many ways people can get into pedestrian accidents in San Diego, and each accident case is unique. Legal counsel is needed in many of these types of bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Having personalized legal advice can help you make an informed decision about your specific injury case which is why speaking to a San Diego pedestrian accident attorney should be your next step.

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