Obviously, if a car driver who drinks and gets behind the wheel of an automobile has failed to take responsibility for his or her action. There’s nothing you can do to control a driver’s intake of alcohol. However, you can control the times you ride your bike, and you can take a cue from sober drivers by avoiding the roads at times when drunk drivers are more likely to be on the road. The "witching hour" for drunk people driving are weekend nights anytime after happy hour through late in the night.  Police officers know this and are very diligent in noticing how drunk people drive. While this is no guarantee that you won’t encounter a drunk driver, the odds are greatly reduced if you are looking out for them. Another factor you can control is your own consumption of any alcohol beverages. If you’ve been drinking, skip the ride home, because bicycling fatalities related to alcohol also include collisions in which the cyclist was over the limit. Yes, driving while intoxicated is not just limited to car drivers.  Bicyclists too have been intoxicated.