Recent statistics suggest that California intersections represent a relatively small portion of a cyclist’s travel route on a given riding day; however, intersections represent the main areas of a cyclist route where a cyclist is most at risk of getting hit by a car or otherwise involved in a car accident while on his or her bicycle. A relatively low 11% of all bicycle accidents involve a direct collision with a car; but of these, an alarming 45% take place in intersections!  In opposition to popular fears, the majority of bicycle accidents (approximately) — 59% — involve only the cyclist, who loses control of the bike and crashes.  This is why it is so important to make sure bicycle tire pressure and riding gears are in tip top shape.  What a bicyclist needs to do t minimize the risk of intersection accidents with cars, cyclists need to maximize their visibility (use mirrors on helmets is one idea), understand the rules of the road (educational bike classes is a great way to learn the rules well), learn to recognize some of the most dangerous intersection hazards (especially in a route that you ride everyday), and take safety precautions when approaching and riding through an intersection (especially if they are known to be busy, or have lots of confusion or prior accidents!).

I also advise it is wise to learn the basic legal rules of liability  when it comes to a car versus bike accident — that is, who is responsible for a bike accident when one happens?  Cyclists who don’t follow road rules or don’t keep a proper lookout might be deemed responsible for an accident if that can be proved in a court of law.   Sadly, bicyclists who do follow the rules of the road and pay attention but are nevertheless hit by a car driver who doesn’t follow the rules of the road may be surprised to learn that both the car driver and the police blame the cyclist for the car and bike accident!  Another reason you should consult with an experienced California bike lawyer when you need a legal consult!

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