Bicyclists are NOT allowed to ride AGAINST traffic in California. Under California law, bicycles are considered “ motor vehicles” and must obey all California traffic laws. Bicyclists who ride against traffic are breaking the law because is is consider unsafe for a variety of reasons. Riding a bicycle against traffic is dangerous and accounts for a large portion of bike accidents. As our California bicycle accident lawyer explains. 

Car drivers in general do not anticipate nor expect to see bikes coming the wrong way (against traffic), which leaves those cyclists susceptible to collisions as a result. Moreover, when a cyclist rides against traffic, there is often little time to maneuver away from an imminent collision. To this end, wrong-way cyclists pose a risk to the cyclists riding with traffic.  Thus, the chances of a bicycle vs. bicycle accident increases. Avoiding bicycle accidents caused by wrong-way cycling is simple:  do not ride a bicycle against traffic.  This simple rule dramatically decreases the chances of an injury accident collision!

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