California Bike Accidents and Injuries

San Diego California bicycle accidents are very common; people in San Diego enjoy the out doors on bikes.  Sometimes these accidents are overlooked as potential personal injury cases.  This may be due to the fact that people forget about the rights of cyclists. It is easy for cyclists to feel as though they have no rights on the road especially since the amount of car drivers certainly outweighs the number of bicyclists out on the road.  Also bicycles are much smaller, slower and less powerful than automobiles. In California, there are some cities that are more bicycle-friendly than others.  For example, in some California cities, there are no lanes or shoulders to ride, leaving the cyclists to ride in the street (dangerous) or the sidewalks (usually against California law).  Unfortunately, car drivers often force cyclists onto the sidewalk or off the road onto rough terrain a bicycle may not be built for.

Most California bicycle-related accidents are not reported to the police unless they involve death or very serious injuries. This is unfortunate as police reports can document what happened with great detail.  Also, most hit-and-run drivers in bicycle-related accidents are never caught. Unless there are other drivers and witnesses involved, there is rarely enough information. Right after a cyclist has been hit, it is very difficult for them to pay attention to details such as the type of vehicle that it them or its license plate number. Even the vehicle’s color can be hard to recall after such an event - it is very important for bicyclists to keep a cell phone on them in case they need to call for emergency help or the police right after a bicycle vs. car accident.

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