MY LEGAL EXPERTISE: Just how skilled is your law firm in handling a California bicycle or pedestrian accident case?

The bicycle lawsuit specialists and injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark C. Blane understand the facts when it comes to bicycle accident law. They have extensive experience in litigation, to insure that you get the legal representation you need for your accident injury claim. If you are looking for a California attorney to serve as your injury attorney in a lawsuit against the driver of the other auto, or to assist you in getting compensated for your injuries, call us. We offer free case evaluations on your riding injury, and have you on the road to just compensation.  You will meet with attorney Mark C. Blane directly, and he will never assign your case out to a paralegal.  When you retain Mark C. Blane, you speak to Mr. Blane through your bicycle or pedestrian injury claim/case.

Our legal expertise goes beyond your injuries and the accident itself.  We search the details of your case to put you in the best legal position possible.  For example, were you hit by an auto driven by a drunk driver while you were riding your bicycle? Did you sustain serious injuries in your bicycle accident as a result of falling from the bike or from the impact itself?  Mr. Blane will personally look for and examine such things as road conditions, your injuries sustained while riding, if a helmet was worn, auto liability, and case law to assist you with settling your bicycle accident claim. Contact Mr. Blane for a free and private legal consult today!

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