Allstate insurance came up with program known as MIST or "Minor Impact Soft Tissue." This means "scorched earth" tactics are utilized on any MIST designated case that has retained an attorney.  These cases are usually bodily injury claims that tend to have minor impacts of at least $1,500.00 in property damage or less; these claims are "pigeoned-holed" as being minor soft tissue injury cases without reviewing one single shred of medical evidence.

Impact forces that cause lower property damage are naturally scrutinized more closely by the insurance companies because their odds increase that they can use this evidence against an injured person if their bodily injury claim ever goes to a jury trial. The defense lawyer will exploit the fact that the property damage was low or not visible in front of the jury. By doing so, they second argument is there is no way the person could have been injured as bad as they are claiming.

You will need to retain a lawyer to litigate these types of claim in either upper level court, or file them in California small claims court to obtain fair settlement value. 
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