$150,000.00 Settlement in a disputed liability fall accident that happened during work hours…

Attorney Mark C. Blane represented an injured worker against a third party when the worker fell from the height of approximately fifteen (15) feet from a forklift.  The worker suffered a broken leg, shoulder, and jaw. The case was denied by the insurance so Mr. Blane filed a lawsuit in Chula Vista Superior Court against the third party, and achieved a $150,000.00 settlement just short of trial.  Mr. Blane also negotiated a considerable lowering of the medical expenses that were covered under california workers’ compensation due to the dispute in liability.

 California workers' compensation lien was administered in accordance with the California Labor Code, and the lien was enforced by a workers' compensation subrogation attorney who intervened on the law suit filed by The Law Offices of Mark C. Blane, APC.  It was through the diligent efforts of Attorney Mark C. Blane, that the lien amount under the workers' compensation was significantly reduced leaving a sizable net recovery to the client.  The case received a fantastic result for the injured client.


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