Statistics Associated with Pedestrian Accidents

In the United States, there is a national problem with deaths and injuries associated with pedestrian accidents. Approximately 5,000 pedestrians are fatally injured and approximately another 64,000 are injured in auto-related accidents every single year in this country alone. According to NHTSA:

1. Following motor vehicle occupant deaths, pedestrians compose the second largest group of accident deaths;
2. Every eight minutes, on average, there is a pedestrian accident in the United States;
3. Every hundred and eleven minutes, on average, there is a pedestrian killed in an auto accident;
4. 11% of all motor vehicle deaths involve the death of a pedestrian(s);
5. Between 1975 and 2005, approximateley 180,000 pedestrians have been fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident;

A large percentage of my law practice involves a pedestrian related injury; over the years, I have learned that injured pedestrians need legal consult as soon as possible to secure their legal rights. It matters because often times insurance needs to be confirmed as soon as possible given the injuries are usually serious and involve some type of hard tissue damage. There is no protection when you are hit by a vehicle. If you are someone you know has been injured in a pedestrian type accident, give attorney Mark C. Blane a call at (888) 845-6269 today.
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