In this video, Mark continues his journey in a 4 part Video Interview from his recent Best-Selling Book, A Wolf in Sheeps' Clothing - this video is the final 4th video in the series and Mark lays it all down on what an injury needs to know in order to battle the secret computer programs (collectively known as Colossus) that review your injury case for settlement value. He reveals the specific questions you should be asking your injury lawyer (if you have one) regarding your accident case and the use of the computer programs by the insurance company.  You will see why your lawyer better be "worth his or her salt" when it comes to the information on how insurance companies are reviewing personal injury cases for settlement value today! His also discusses what a lawyer can do to combat the programs, tips and suggestions for those who have an injury claim, and great suggestions on what an injury client can do to help their lawyer or their injury case in general.  This is a must see video!