San Diego Injury Lawyer and Best-Selling legal author Mark C. Blane lays it all on the line in this 4-part Video Interview Series where he exposes how the insurance companies utilize computer software programs to evaluate your bodily injury case! This was the focus of Mark's recent Best-Selling Book on, A Wolf in Sheeps' Clothing. In this part 1 video, Mark talks about how he came to discover these covert computer programs, and what he did to research them further - he informs you on how and why they are used and the fact that you need to be aware of them. He also gives you a foundation of what you can ask your injury attorney in regards to them, and what his or her plan is to combat them. In addition to the interesting story on Colossus (computer programs), he talks about what you should do if you find yourself in an accident, and how to effectively use technology (smart phones) to document evidence at the accident scene (whether it is a car accident or slip and fall injury).