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  • San Diego Uninsured Motorist Injury Law Firm: What You Need To Know California law allows $15,000.00 per person, and $30,000.00 aggregate as the least amount a person can purchase for Uninsured Motorist Coverage. This means you have $15,000.00 for you or any one person injured, and $30,000.00 for two or more injured persons (aggregate). Since this is true, having the least amount allowable by law, also known as "state minimal limits," can work against you in a car accident in the following ways: 1. if the other party has no insurance, you are limited to only $15,000.00 for your own bodily injury claim; 2. if you have medical bills in excess of $15,000.00, you are forced to either settle on the limits, or sue the other party directly; however, if the other party had no insurance, then statistically the chances of the other party having assets or other coverage to go after diminishes dramatically; 3. if you have more than two people in your car, all injured, you are limited to only $30,000.00 for everyone; again, if medical bills get expensive, this becomes a major problem;
  • San Diego Dog Bite Injury Lawyer | Landlord Liability with Dog Bites San Diego Dog Bite Lawyer Mark C. Blane explains: In order to be successful in proving liability against a landlord for a dog bite injury in California, you need to prove the following elements: 1. The landlord knew of the dog being on the premises of the property in which he or she was renting to the owner of the dog; 2. The landlord also was aware of the dangerous propensities of the dog that caused the bite injury; These elements can be difficult to prove due to inefficiency of documenting evidence soon after a dog owned by a renter has bitten someone causing bodily injury. Evidence is sometimes destroyed or rearranged too. It is crucial you obtain all witness information quickly in order to help satisfy the elements against a landlord that knew a dangerous dog was living in his or her rented properties.
  • San Diego California Attorney Referral Fee Program The San Diego California Law Offices of Mark C. Blane pays lawyer referral fees for cases that he wins to other lawyers who referred him the case in accordance
  • Pro Bono Awards for The Law Offices of Mark Blane San Diego Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane has been awarded some Pro Bono awards by the State Bar of California.
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  • San Diego Slip & Fall/Premise Liability | Trip & Falls | Owner Neglige San Diego Slip and Fall Attorney Mark C. Blane, offers FREE legal books for your slip andf all case. Generally speaking, slip and fall accidents can also be trip and falls and are known collectively under the legal category of premise liability injuries. Premise liability is the legal wording that means certain owners of land or property can be held liable (responsible) for certain injuries to others on said land or property.
  • San Diego Car/Motorcylce Accident | Injury Attorney Law Firm Also, as I mention throughout my website,, through videos, blogs, and other articles, there is a good chance (over 70%) that your injury claim will be analyzed by a sophisticated computer software program. One of the main goals of the computer program is to review the details in your medical chart notes and medical findings. Right now, we have identified the following computer software programs used by most of the larger insurance companies in the United States and elsewhere: Colossus; Injury IQ; Claims Outcome Advisor (COA); and Injury Claims Evaluator (ICE). These facts make it imperative that you protect yourself both medically and legally when it comes to any injury you sustain from a car or motorcycle accident.
  • San Diego CA Brain Injury | Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) | head San Diego Brain Injury Lawyer Mark C. Blane offers FREE legal information on his website for brain injuries: For more information on brain injuries in general or MTBI, please click on his video center on his website, to watch legal videos, or search his website with key words in order to pull up more articles, or blogs about this area of personal injury representation.
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Accidents San Diego Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Attorney offers FREE books through his website, and explains California law gives bicyclist and pedestrians the "right of way" which means generally speaking, other motorists (those who drive a motor vehicle on California roads, streets and highways) owe a duty of good faith to watch out for them whenever possible. However, the law of apportionment can apply which shifts liability between the motorist and injured bicyclist or pedestrian when the facts support such a shift. For example, sometimes a pedestrian is not walking squarely in a crosswalk or is jaywalking; however, this act on the part of the pedestrian does not eliminate the duty of the motorist to be mindful of this sometimes happening.
  • San Diego CA Pedestrian Bicycle Accident Lawyer, Jogger Injured by Car In San Diego and Southern California counties, vulnerable joggers, walkers, shoppers and cyclists are exposed to very serious or even fatal injuries from negligent or reckless drivers. If you or a loved one has suffered a pedestrian or bicycle accident, your life may have been turned upside down and you probably need a lot of support. Before anything else, look at the free and immediate practical help offered by San Diego accident attorney Mark C. Blane who has handled hundreds of pedestrian and bicycle accident claims.
  • San Diego Spinal Cord Injury Attorney | Serious Brain/head accident According to San Diego Brain Injury Attorney Mark C. Blane, Brain injuries in Southern California often lead to serious complications, possibly with long-term or lifetime impairments. For the family, relatives and friends of the victim, this means a life turned upside down, with profound changes in behavior and relations for all. Beyond the psychological adjustment, ensuring the best care and treatment will require you to purchase, rent and contract numerous devices and services to bring back your life as close as possible to normality. This is expert work for which the support of top-rated San Diego Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Mark C. Blane will be essential.
  • San Diego Car Wreck Injury | Southern CA motorcycle accident attorney The San Diego car accident attorneys of Mark C. Blane APC don’t leave anything to chance. Being sharp and aggressive lawyers and having insider knowledge of the insurance industry practices is not enough to ensure a maximum settlement in your car or motorcycle accident claim or lawsuit. They have also acquired a deep and broad knowledge of medical issues which is critical in getting the fair compensation you are seeking after a California vehicle accident.
  • San Diego Accident Attorney | Southern California Serious Accidents Would you be surprised to find out that after a serious San Diego or Southern California accident the insurance company uses a computer program to figure out how much your injury is worth? Well, it’s true – this is just one more reason why it is so important to hire an experienced and aggressive law firm like San Diego based attorney Mark C. Blane to protect your rights and maximize your recovery.
  • San Diego CA Dangerous Premises Accidents | San Diego Slip & Fall Law In San Diego and Southern California counties a significant number of accidents due to the negligence of the premises’ owner or occupier occur not only on private property, but in public areas such as sidewalks, highways, parks, beaches, or any government owned or rented building. If you have been injured in an accident on public property, contact San Diego accident attorney Mark Blane.