San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers — Lost Limbs

At our law firm in San Diego, California, we understand the fear and uncertainty that often comes with an amputationespecially when that amputation is caused by someone'sSan Diego amputation injuries due to negligence of another negligent or reckless conduct. For years, we have held people and businesses accountable for their actions by seeking full and fair compensation for San Diego personal injury victims in California courtrooms.  We understand the personal struggle and pain that lost limbs cause an injury victim. Regardless of the injury that caused the amputation, whether it was related to a defective product, construction injury, medical malpractice, or car accident, the feelings are often the same: depression, anger, and fear. We aim to take on the burden of personal injury litigation so you don't have to.

A Team of Legal Professionals Helping You Win Your Case

At our law firm in San Diego, our San Diego personal injury attorney team works together on your case. These include attorneys, investigators, claims consultants, and experts. We work hard to take away the stress and worry related to an amputation.  We firmly believe that when you take on a client, you are responsible for doing your best for them. This begins with using legal strategies that work in the courtroom. And it also means making sure that you get the support you need throughout your case. From getting proper medical care to managing unpaid medical bills, we are there to help you.