Airbags should help to keep drivers safe (and prevent death from happening in a car accident), and they frequently do. However, improperly installed or defective airbags can result in serious injuries. Defective or malfunctioning airbags can cause chemical burns, eye injuries, severe head trauma, and possibly death. San Diego car accident attorney Mark C. Blane hasInjuries from defective airbags in a San Diego California car accident years of experience holding manufacturers responsible for product defects in San Diego County and throughout California.

Accidents Caused by Defective Airbags

Often, injuries caused by product defects, such as defective airbags, are not always immediately identifiable. We begin every legal case by thoroughly investigating the facts and law to determine all possible causes of injuries.  We can retain experts to help ascertain the defective airbag that caused the bodily injury.

Air Bags Failing to Deploy

Failure to deploy is the leading cause of defective airbag-related injuries and deaths. Both new airbags and airbags that have been deployed before can fail to deploy. A brand-new airbag may be defective due to faulty parts or installation. Airbags deployed before may be defective due to improper replacement or reinstallation. Unfortunately, drivers typically do not know that their airbags do not work until after an accident.

Faulty Air Bag Deployment

Airbags deploy with tremendous force, and in a major accident, this force can save the driver or passenger’s life. However, if an airbag deploys due to a minor disturbance, such as a fender bender or a bump in the road, or even for no reason, the airbag can cause broken bones, eye injuries, traumatic brain injuries(TBI), or even death. Improper airbag deployment can also cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, leading to a more severe accident.