Selecting an Experienced Child Wrongful Death Attorney:

The laws surrounding wrongful deaths are complex and constantly evolving. In order to ensure that your case is handled properly and in a timely manner, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced and knowledgeable law firm as soon as possible.

However, the selection of an attorney in a child wrongful death case is very important because the case is a huge responsibility and can be, at the time, challenging. One challenging aspect of such a case involving the wrongful death of a child is proving the amount of damages that the parents and the estate may be entitled to receive. As I mentioned earlier, the calculation of damages may be problematic because the child’s early death occurs at a young age and it therefore may prove to be difficult to calculate any future lost earnings, and the intangible loss of love and affections sustained by both parents.

In my California child injury law practice, I am able to meet with and use focus groups to review and evaluate child wrongful death cases to:

Quantify the emotional trauma;

Obtain a realistic value range of the case;

Demonstrate at trial or in mediation or during arbitration the loss caused by destruction of the parent-child relationship.

Proper compensation in these cases involves paying parents for the loss of a child's love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance and moral support. The death of a child is a traumatic event, and the thought of initiating a legal proceeding to preserve your legal rights as a parent can be overwhelming. However, it is important to act promptly to preserve evidence, investigate the cause of the accident, and to file a lawsuit prior to the deadline imposed by the California statute of limitations.

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