Chula Vista Brain Injury Attorney: Discusses Brain Traumas in Children (Coup vs. Contracoup Injuries)

A COUP Injury occurs at the precise site of impact to the head (brain goes into skull at site of trauma), and a CONTRECOUP Injury occurs on the side of the head that was opposite of the site of impact (brain goes into opposite side of skull from site of trauma). Thus, the brain is hitting against the skull bone twice, not once.

When this occurs in children, sometimes the neurologic deficits after a head trauma may not manifest for many years after the initial head trauma. Why? For one reason, frontal lobe functionality in children develop later in a child’s growth. Thus, the brain injury may not become apparent until the child reaches a later age such as adolescence which is precisely in line with the develop of higher level develop with the ability to reason.

For more information on my law practice with brain injuries in Chula Vista, El Cajon, San Diego, National City, Escondido, Vista, Oceanside, please check out a video I did explaining brain injuries in general: Chula Vista Brain Injury Attorney: Discussion on Brain Injuries, also known as Head Traum (Coup and Contracoup head injuries)

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