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  • Permanent Disability under San Diego Workers Compensation Laws | Injuries The term Permanent Disability simply means an injured California worker has any lasting disability to a particular body part or parts that results in a reduced earning capacity or ability to work in the specific field that was part of the job in which the injured worker was injured. If your work related injury or illness results in permanent disability, then you are entitled to what the California Labor Code calls permanent disability (PD) benefits or PD benefits for short, even if you are able to go back to work after you recover from your work related injury.
  • Medical Care and Your San Diego Workers' Compensation Case San Diego Work Comp Law Firm: In the California workers’ compensation system, as an injured worker, you have the right to receive medical treatment that is reasonably required to cure or relieve the effects of your work related injury or illness, at the expense of your employer (your employer pays the insurance premiums to have work comp insurance which is required by California law). This medical care or treatment includes all necessary medical examination, diagnostic, surgical, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other hospital treatment along with any necessary nursing care, medication, crutches, orthotic and prosthetic devices, and other medical services that is directly related to the work related illness or injury.
  • Specific On the Job Injuries Compared with Cumulative Injuries | San Diego Under the California Labor Code, there are two types of injuries that a California worker can suffer on-the-job or during their course and scope of employment. The first type is there is a “specific" on-the-job injury. This is the most common type of work comp injury when people think of a work comp injury. For example, if you lift something heavy and injure your back, or if you are assaulted during work, or if you are involved in a car accident while making a work related delivery, then these are all considered a “specific” on-the-job injury that result directly from a specific incident that can be identified. There is no question of the causation of the injury. The second type is called a “cumulative” or “repetitive” on-th-job injury.
  • San Diego Workers' Compensation (WCAB) Injury Attorney VIDEO BLOG: SAN DIEGO WORK COMP INJURY CASE (WCAB) / Construction Site Accidents San Diego Workers' Compensation Attorney Mark C. Blane helps those injured on-the-job due to work comp injuries by negligent third parties. Construction sites are extremely dangerous working environments. Construction workers can suffer from floor opening falls, welding accidents, injuries from operating heavy machinery and other hazards. It is important that within a construction site accident evidence is compiled quickly and diligently in order to determine liability and any compensation the victim may be entitled to.