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  • Drivers Have an Increased Burden to Exercise Caution Around Children Exercise proper caution when driving in areas populated by children to avoid a San Diego traffic accident. Call a San Diego accident lawyer: 1-888-845-6269.
  • Medical Bills | What To Know in a California Child Injury Settlement However, with government medical bills, there are special California statutory protections in place. For example, a California county may have a medical lien
  • Best Legal Defenses to Ca Child Injury Case | San Diego Kid Injury Lawyer It should be expected that a defense lawyer will search out evidence that an injured child is exaggerating his or her injuries. Facebook and other online...
  • Protective Orders | Speedy Trial Request | Injured Child in San Diego, CA As mentioned, your Cal child’s injury lawyer can obtain protective orders to protect your child during discovery, depositions, and trial. Briefly, here are....
  • California Parental Liability | Teen-Age Kid Driving | San Diego Child Injuries San Diego Kid Injury Lawyer: All California parents need to explore parental liability for teenage driving prior to signing for a license for their teenager...
  • California Civil Liability to Parents | Minor Kids & Child Injuries & Accidents The California Supreme Court ruled that an adult homeowner accused of negligently failing to supervise her son (also an adult)—thus enabling him to repeatedly
  • California Child Crimes | Juvenile Court, Sealing Records | Kid Injury Law Firm If your minor child is charged with a crime in California then he or she would be arraigned (administered) in the California juvenile court system.
  • Lawyer Costs in a California Child Accident Case | San Diego Injury Law Firm San Diego Kid Injury Lawyer: The Attorney Costs in a California Child Injury are usually Apart and Separate from the Attorney Contingency Fee...
  • Ca Child Injury Lawyer Mark C. Blane’s Legal Representation Process San Diego Kid Injury Law Firm: All injured child clients receive a free & private consultation with me directly by and through their parent(s) or legal guardian
  • Death of a Fetus & Preconception Injuries in California | San Diego Child Injuries Many people have inquired about wrongful death actions for unborn fetuses in California. Each state in the United States varies on whether a person may bring...
  • Dangers with Newer Baby Car Seats | Chula Vista California Child Injury Law Firm Chula Vista Child Accident Law Firm: Some Dangers with the Newer Baby Car Seats As an experienced San Diego California Product Liability Lawyer, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of restraining your child in a car safety seat appropriately, and encouraging parents in general to make sure that their children are restrained properly in well-made car safety seats. However, a new study shows that the newer car seat systems, which allow parents dual usage; i.e., to use baby car seats not just for travel but also as a "baby carrier," have led to thousands of child injuries.
  • Halloween Night Tips To Avoid California Child Pedestrian Accidents Chula Vista Child Injury Law Firm Advises on Halloween Night and the Dangers with Child Pedestrian Accidents: Tips on Being Careful and Safe During Trick or Treating! According to published reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year more than 4,000 children aged between 5 and 14 are injured in pedestrian accidents on Halloween night. During other nights of the year, the average number of children injured in accidents is much less, approximately 1,000 kids are injured. As the festivities of Halloween comes each year, California Child Pedestrian Attorneys would advise motorists around California to take extra safety precautions while driving around neighborhoods at night to avoid little trick-or-treaters knocking on doors looking for candies.
  • Chula Vista Child Car Accident Law Firm: Recent Teen Survey Has Interesting Results with Teen Drivers Chula Vista Child Car Accident Law Firm: Some Interesting Teenage Driving Research Done by the University of Texas Department of Transportation Now, when it comes to teenagers and automobile accidents, there are few facts that would surprise any California Car Accident Attorney. Two common examples everyone knows with teenagers is that alcohol with teenagers can be a particularly deadly combination, and that distracted driving is a serious accident risk.
  • Glossary for Injured California Children | by San Diego Child Accident Attorney San Diego Child Accident Law Firm: The following glossary words will help explain some state and federal programs in relation to injured children. It will also cover some key legal lingo that will help you make sense of the different words that you will hear from your California child injury lawyer, or the claims adjuster regarding your child’s injury:
  • U.S. Consumer Product Saftey Commission for Injured Children, Chula Vista Child Accident Lawyer Chula Vista Child Accident Law Firm: More Information on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Safety Gift Ideas for Children Please visit the CPSC website at to find helpful news related to children from information on recent toy or product recalls, to helpful suggestions and free comic book downloads on child bicycle safety. For example, if you are a parent that uses a babysitter frequently, the website has a free safety download called the “Super Sitter” that goes over the safety issue that arise with babysitting. You can review it with your babysitter to help insure the safety of your children when you are away from them.
  • California Child Injury San Diego | Minor Child Testimony in Trial Southern California Injured Child Law Firm: When children do have to testify at a trial or hearing, rest assured that the trial judge will go to great lengths to make sure that neither lawyer asks the child any leading questions (questions that suggest the answer), and that the child is not in any minor way harmed or intimidated by the questions, or treated with anything but respect. Every case is unique and every child injury is different, and your injury lawyer can best counsel you as to whether or not your child must attend should the case proceed to trial.
  • Speedy Trial For Injured Children in California | Minor Child Accidents Chula Vista Child Injury Lawyer Mark C. Blane quickly explains: California law has special priorities for minor children. Any minor under the age of 14 is entitled to preference in the setting of a trial date.
  • Chula Vista Children Accident & Injury Law Firm | CA Child Injury According to Chula Vista Child Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane: In terms of assessing a minor child’s own contributions to an accident or injury, children five years of age and younger cannot, as a matter of law, be found negligent. Older children will be held to a standard of care of children of a similar age. Thus, children are not normally held to adult standards of conduct but must use that degree of care ordinarily exercised by children of like age, intelligence and experience.
  • Children Injuries Chula Vista | San Diego Child Accident Law Firm Southern California Child Accident Law Firm: As a parent of an injured child, what you need to know is, under California law, if a child (under the age of 18 years of age) is injured and receives a monetary settlement, from the at-fault party, it must be supervised by the court under what is called a Minors’ Compromise and Release hearing.
  • Guardian Ad Litem Child Injuries | San Diego, El Cajon Child Accident Southern California Child Accident Lawyer Mark C. Blane briefly explains "Guardian Ad Litem:" An enforceable settlement of a child’s injury case can only be consummated with California court approval per California Probate Code Sections 2504, 3500, 3600, and per California Code of Civil Procedure Section 372.