San Diego California Car/Auto Accident & Injury Attorney interviews acupuncturist Dr. Mario Mancini

Hi, I am California personal injury Mark Blane. In this video I interview San Diego Acupuncturist Dr. Mario Mancini, L.Ac., O.M.D. on what Acupuncture medical care is, and how it can be employed on your accident injury case. You know, acupuncture originated over 3000 years ago in Chinese medicine. In this video, Dr. Mancini and I go into detail about what it is, how it is used to lower pain levels, and help the endocrine gland system alleviate scar tissue from an accident or trauma. We also discuss if it is covered under most health insurance plans, and what Dr. Mancini can do for you if you are involved in accident due to the negligence of others. Dr. Mancini also holds a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine [O.M.D.] on top of his acupuncturist license. I have personally tried acupuncture care through his medical office many years ago. I was amazed at how the therapy increases blood flow, and became convinced of the application of it as a therpeutic modality for accident victims. It can also manage pain levels by stimulating the body's own "morphine" hormones which is truly amazing. The chinese figured this out thousands of years ago and it is available for you today. If you have not tried acupuncture care, I would recommend you at least try it for yourself. In the video, we also touch upon nutrition and how that affects not only your own body but how well your body will react to the acupuncture care. Dr. Mancini is a very big proponent of this and I applaud his efforts in communicating this important aspect to his clients.

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You can also reach him via telephone at: (619) 287-4005 - he welcomes your call with any questions on this non-evasive treatment modality.

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Center for Integrative Care
3547 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108

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