San Diego Injury Lawyer and Best-Selling legal author Mark C. Blane gets interviewed for his book a Wolf in Sheeps' Clothing which recently became a Best-Seller on back in March 2011. In this video interview, Mark explains about what to do if you find yourself in a California  accident, how the insurance may be using computer software technology (known as Colossus) to evaluate your claim, and what you need to know in order to navigate the process. In this video FAQ he explains why it is so important to SEEK medical care AS SOON as possible after your injury accident. He touches upon how the insurance company will use that (any gaps in medical care) to defend the value on your accident case! This is very important to understand, because the insurance companies are used this defense far too often in defending valid injury claims - and thus, it is an unfortunate reality. The longer you wait to obtain consistent medical care after your accident, the more chances a clever claims adjuster or defense lawyer can obtain doubts over whether your medical care was even warranted or necessary. So be safe - go to your doctor and follow your doctors orders as soon as possible after an accident!