The time immediately following an accident is often shocking, difficult and confusing. You may not know who is responsible for the accident, what injuries you have or how the accident may continue to impact you in the long run. However, in all accident situations there are a few things you should do. After calling 911, you should always gather testimonies from witnesses. A witness’ testimony can be some of your strongest supporting evidence should you decide to take your accident case to court. Pictures are also extremely important evidence. Many people have cell phones with a camera on them, but if you do not, it may be a good idea to keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment. This evidence will aid you greatly in court. If you have suffered an injury from an accident and are considering filing a claim, contact San Diego personal injury attorney Mark C. Blane. Call toll free today at 888-845-6269 or visit his website, where you can order a FREE copy of his book, California Personal Injury Guide: The Ten Secrets You Need To Know About Your Injury Claim, BEFORE You Call A Lawyer.