Attorney Raymond Navarro has been practicing law since 1991. He specializes in workers compensation law in the San Diego area. In fact, he is certified by the California Bar in workers companesation law which means he has taken more steps through exam and experience to recieve this distinction. Not every lawyer who practices workers compensation is "certified by the state bar" in this area. So he is an expert in this area in which he focuses. Sometimes folks who are injured on the job were injured by some person or entity not connected with their employer. This is known as a "third party claim." When this happens, they need to be referred out to a trial lawyer. A lawyer that goes against this person or entity.

Raymond knows that in order to be a benefit to his client, or any lead that calls him, that has a third party claim, he needs to refer them out. So in the end, there are essentially two injury claims to pursue: one with workers compensation, and another with a direct third party claim in civil court. Remember, you cannot get "pain and suffering" damages under workers compensation. So, if a person is injured by a third party while at work, it sometimes makes sense to have this second claim going with the work injury claim under workers compensation. Not every single injury at work would make sense for this which is why you need experienced legal counsel to help you make this informed decision of pursuing such claims at the same time.

By the way, in case you were wondering, attorney Raymond Navarro is not only a very nice guy, but also a great workers compensation lawyer. If you think you have a question about a work injury, you should give him a call at (619) 640-9200, or find him on the web at .

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