Thiago A. from San Diego was kind enought to give me his experience of my legal services on video. He was a passenger in a car that sustained massive damage due to the fault of another driver that was not paying attention. His accident occurred on Telegraph Canyon Road in Chula Vista, California sometime in January 2013. Thiago is originally from Brazil and this was his first car accident in the United States. He just graduated from College in his native Brazil and starting his new life here in the United States. From the start, I helped Thiago obtain vitally needed medical care. This helped him in his recovering process. Ultimately I was able to successfully settle his bodily injury claim against the at-fault driver's auto insurance without having to file a lawsuit in downtown San Diego Court. I am happy to say that Thiago is back to health and his life after we resolved his claim. If you would like to see more video testimonials, like Thiago's, please check out my video testimonial page on this website!

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