Rafael G. found me online while he was looking at my law firm's profile on Yelp. I am really happy he called me because I was able to schedule a meeting with him the very next day. I knew I needed to get my hands on the police report after hearing his facts on how he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. The police report fortunately was done very well by the National City police, and I was able to secure liability (fault) with the insurance company. I was fortunate to be in a postion with Rafael to get his case settled without the need of a lawsuit. Not every injury case will need a lawsuit and a lot of factors determine whether or not a lawsuit will need to be filed. Here, I had a good client. Someone who was a credible witness for their own injuries. Second, I had a person injured while riding their bicycle. As anyone knows, there is no protection for a bicyclist hit by a moving vehicle. Third, Rafael had stellar medical documentation. His doctors did a good job documenting what injuries needed to be documented, and Rafael did not miss a medical appointment. All of this translates to "credibility." The more "credible" an injury case is, the more risk perceived by the insurance company. The more risk that is percieved the better chances for a fair settlement without the need of a formal lawsuit.

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