Miguel A. could have chosen any San Diego lawye for his motorcycle accident case that happened to him in late 2012. He chose me since he knew my legal work from a prior accident he sustained back in 2008. He represents the trust that builds over time when a person helps another person. Here, it just happens to be with personal injury. I tell folks that a special bond forms in personal injury representation between an injured client and their attorney. We, as personal injury lawyers, are on the front lines both helping our clients with their medical care, and fighting for justice agains the insurance company who look at these injured people as number in their claim files. Insurance companies sometimes forget that these "file numbers" are real people; just like Miguel.

I have chosen this line of work for a really simple reason. I wanted to be able to look at my client's in the eyes. When you represent "corporate interests" you just can't do it. Representing real people with real injuries is what being a personal injury attorney is all about. Miguel, in his video, explains how he has his telephone connected to his helmet, and how he called me seconds after he slid half a mile on his chest. Also, I was able to take his phone call while he laid there looking up at the sky. I told him I was there for him and would help him just mere seconds of this happening to him. This is my job, and this is what I do for a living. I am proud to be apart of people's lives in there time of need, and "square their personal debt" in terms of injury and medical care with the insurance company responsible.

If you have a case like Miguel's, or any injury where you believe another person or entity was responsible, give me a call for a free consult at (619) 813-7955. If you have a family member or friend injured, and they happen to speak Spanish, I, along with my staff, speak Spanish. Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading and watching!

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