Ms. Rose Clark of San Diego chose my law office to help her on her injury case. She was on an employee (commom carrier) shuttle bus. As she was leaving work from the San Diego airport, she boarded the bus not expecting the driver to brake extremely suddenly due to a parking arm coming down in front of the bus. What happened was the driver of the shuttle bus was not paying attention to the parking arm ahead of her. This caused 10 people to go flying from their seats/and standing to the floor causing bodily injuries. Ms. Clark was injured and sought medical care. She also contacted me so I could handle her injury case against the insurance company. Sudden braking cases can be tough. As a plaintiff (injured victim), you have to prove that the force of the braking was enough to cause your injuries because there is "no property" damage to the bus to help measure the "bio-mechanical force" to produce injury. This is done by testimony of the victim and other witnesses. The fact that other people were injured does help a claim, but you still have to proove "causing of injury" through the sudden braking. We were triumphant in our case and Ms. Clark was kind enough to share her experiences in this quick testimonial video.

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