Ernest found me after he sustained a right knee injury in a slip and fall accident at the Pei Wei Asian Diner in Carlsbad, California. Pei Wei Asian Diner is part of PF Chang's Chinese Restaurant. Ernest got injured in the take out section of the diner when it had been raining off and on throughout the day, and they forgot to put down water absorption mats, and position a beware of wet floor sign correctly in order to warn patrons walking into the store.

This injury really shows why it is important for businesses, whether they are a restaurant, department store, or small mom and pop shop, to have safety training programs in place for their employees. We all know it does not rain very often in San Diego, but when it does, businesses need to be mindful of putting down safety measures to protect their customers. In this case, it had been raining on and off the entire day when Ernest fell. However, at the time Ernest walked in, it had not been raining. Throughout the day, other customers had brought in water on their shoes. The Diner had done a good job in putting down a water absorption mat at the front entrance, but forgot about the take out entrance which was the door Ernest used to gain entry to the Diner. His intent was to pick up a to go order at the take out entrance. Also, the wet floor warning sign was not positioned in a way to warn folks entering the take out door to be cautious of the wet flooring. To this end, this was a preventable injury had saftey protocols been followed. Common sense tells us all that this starts at the management/owner level.

This video is his story on how I helped him in his slip and fall injury case. It is my job to protect each of my clients on their accident case. Whether it is preparing for trial, mediation, arbitration, or settlement negotiations, each case carries with it the details (the client's story as a human being) I need to argue in order to bring an amicable resolution. I filed a lawsuit for Ernest after the insurance for Pei Wei denied the claim saying Pei Wei was not at fault. We settled this case one week before jury selection before Judge Pressman in downtown San Diego Superior Court. If this slip and fall injury case did not settle, I was prepared for trial, and ask the San Diego community (jury) for justice. I was also proud to be having as my trial co-counsel, Mr. Jim M. Brown, Esq., whose legal skills and work were immeasurable. Jim and I fought hard against the insurance company and we came out successful, but most importantly, Ernest got justice and was very happy with the end result.

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