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Injured in a bicycle accident in San Diego California? Attorney Mark Blane discusses CA Vehicle Code Section 21200 which governs bicyclists. He focuses on the correct direction of travel a bicyclist is required to go on California roadways - with or against the flow of traffic? Most folks do not know it is against the law to go against the flow of traffic.

A good rule to remember is to "walk against" traffic, but "ride with" traffic. The logic for riding with traffic is based on the fact that California law views a bicyclist, or pedicab, or the like as "another vehicle on the road" subject to the same laws. When you are walking, you should walk against traffic so you can move out of the way in case an on-coming vehicle comes too close to you. Remember, if you are on a bicycle, you need to move with the flow of traffic and this means on sidewalks too - Mark had a case, as explained in the video, where the police office placed his client at fault because she was on a bicycle on a sidewalk moving against the flow of traffic. So be careful out there!

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