Ms. Christa Bragg was heading northbound on one of San Diego's largest freeways, the 805 Freeway. This freeway meanders in a North to South direction in the middle of San Diego County. It is a large freeway with many lanes, and many cars. Christa was driving when, all of a sudden, a driver not paying attention and traveling too fast for freeway conditions, slammed into the rear of her car. She experienced both bodily injuries and property damage. Her medical bills were mounting, and she did not know how all the bills were going to get paid. She also started to decrease her hours at work due to her injuries. She needed help fast and found me online. I remember I met with both her and father and I told her what options she had, and what I could do for her. I left it completely up to her. She chose me to be her voice on her injury case. Each time a new person retains me as their lawyer, I view it as a sacred honor. It is a repsonibility I take seriously no matter what type of case it is. In Christa's case, we had to file a lawsuit before the insurance company would release their limits. Sometimes this is necessary. Sometimes it is not. Christa trusted me as her lawyer and her case worked out amicably. If you would like to ask me questions about your case, feel free to call me directly at (619) 813-7955.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Thank you Christa for taking the time to shoot this video for others who are looking for a good injury lawyer in the San Diego, California area. (:

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