When Vardon R. got into his car accident, he did not know which lawyer to retain. He found me online and interviewed with me personally. I ultimately became his lawyer for his case. Listen to why he was satisfied with my legal services. I take great pride in my legal work, and for Vardon R., I was able to finalize his injury case within six weeks time! Now, each injury case is unique, but things worked out on his case where I was extra efficient. Not every injury case will produce the same results, but you will see in this video why Vardon R. trusted his attorney (me) in the handling of his case. The impact forces to his vehicle were so severe that his battery "exploded." I was able to make sure he got all the adequate medical care that he was entitled to. All of his doctors did a great job getting him better. I was proud to be his voice for his injury case.

If you have questions on your injury case, or  you have a friend or family member that despartely needs a legal consult. Call me today at (619) 813-7955. I am happy to give anyone a free consult to see what kind of injury case they have and if I can help them.

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