Emmanuel A. from San Diego was kind enough to sit down and video tape his experiences with my legal services on his car accident case. Emmanuel was the driver of a vehicle who was hit by another driver not paying attention. He sustained massive damage to the front end of his vehicle, and there was air bag deployment. His accident happened in January 2013 on Telegraph Canyon Road in Chula Vista, California. Emmanuel felt pain immediately after the accident. I helped him with his medical care and got him to a good doctor right away. Ultimately, the at-fault party took responsibility for the unfortunate accident. We did not need to file a lawsuit in downtown San Diego court either. After Emmanuel was done with his medical care, I was able to negotiate a fair settlement for him, and his two passengers. Today, Emmanuel is back to his health and life. It is cases like these that make my work so meaningful. If you would like to see more success stories, like Emmanuel's, please check out my testimonial page here on this website!

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