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San Diego California accident attorney Mark Blane discusses what "medical pay" insurance coverage is and how much you should have on your policy for you and your family. He explains what it is used for (what medical expenses) and why it is advantageous for your injury lawyer to utilize in his negotiations with the at-fault third party insurance carrier. It can actually help to increase your net recovery when you settle with the third party carrier.

Medical pay coverage is not legally required in California but it certainly is a good idea and you can get a good policy limit in it without very much in monthly premiums. If you don't have private health insurance, it is a good way to get cheap insurance if you are ever injured in a car accident. It will apply to you if you are passenger in someone else's care OR if you are hit by a car as pedestrian. It is a liberally construed insurance policy. Check into it if you have not already.

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