If you have been injured in a Southern California accident and have sustained a soft tissue injury, attorney Mark C. Blane wants to make sure you have been evaluated for a diagnosis called Loss Motion Segment Integrity (LMSI). Watch this video to learn more about soft tissue injuries and how to be on the lookout. In a severe soft tissue case, your vertebra may be impacted if the soft tissue found in your neck and lower back have been degraded to a certain point. This could occur in a rear-end collision that damages ligaments of the spine. Such damage can affect your vertebra’s proper range of motion. Blood can stagnate and cause poor blood supply in the spine, which can lead to degenerative conditions such as bone degeneration and early arthritis. You could also experience continual pain long after the accident. After an accident, you should make sure to seek medical attention and the advice of a knowledgeable injury attorney. Some injury lawyers can miss medical diagnoses. Therefore, make sure you hire an experienced injury attorney who deals with medical issues and soft tissue injuries. Call Mark C. Blane, a San Diego personal injury lawyer, since his knowledge in soft tissue injuries and other medical conditions can help maximize your settlement. Call (888) 845-6269 today, or visit his website and view free and informative resources that can help you through this process.