In Part 2 of this video, Mr. Jones, an injured party from a car accident, is discussing his bodily injury claim with a biased Claims Adjuster working for the insurance company. Mr. Jones is discovering the Claims Adjuster is using a computer program to obtain a settlement value on his injuries. He is also discovering this review is completely bias as it is omitting key factors in his health regime that would help prove his general damages (commonly known as pain and suffering). Although the insured of the at-fault insurance company was intoxicated and arrested for DUI after causing the accident, listen to how the Claims Adjuster blatantly tells Mr. Jones how that is not too terribly important after the insurance company's defense lawyers work to take care of the issue in court. I have seen this tactic used quite often in my law practice (since 1999). Crucial evidence that should go before a jury is always fought over by the defense insurance company and their lawyers. Remember, it is not so much about seeking the truth than it is protection of profits by minimizing injury claim pay outs. Insurance companies are businesses, and businesses are for profit. For more information on what this video depicts, please feel free to call me at (619) 813-7955.