In this video, Mr. Jones is injured in a car accident but has decided to not retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Instead, he decides to sit down with the Claims Adjuster who is clearly biased against his injuries. The video points out how a Claims Adjuster uses a Computer Program called "Colossus" (the video actually goes into more detail about it in Part 2) and biases the review by omitting or ignoring certain medical evidence. You see, the insurance company spends millions of dollars each year defending injury claims. For each dollar they save in a injury claim payment is considered "pure profit" for them. This means there is a built in incentive for insurance companies to pay low on injury claims whenever possible; even if this means that part of their review is completely bias. This tends to happen in claims where the adjuster either omits or forgets to put in crucial medical information. For information give me a call at (619) 813-7955.