Rich was injured when an employee of a local 7-11 convenient store decided to violate a well-known safety rule, and hit him in face and head with a baseball bat for no justified reason. In fact, other patrons/customers could have been injured given the conduct of this unruly employee. The police were called, and Rich had to be transported via ambulance to a local San Diego hospital.

Rich was struck in the head/temple region of his body. He was fortunate as he could have injured worse or suffered from a permanent head trauma. He received 10 stitches and healed fairly well given the circumstances. These cases can be tough because they involved "intentional conduct" as opposed to "negligent conduct" (not being careful enough). Sometimes insurance won't cover these injuries because the crime and action involve "intentional conduct." This is another reason why you need a skilled assualt injury lawyer to discuss your individual case when it comes to an assault type injury.

Rich found me online and I accepted his case after I learned his story of what happened to him. Safety comes first when you visit a business. Also, you don't expect violent reactions from an employee for no justified reason when you are visiting a store for business purposes. I am glad Rich's injuries were not as bas as they could have been, and no other innocent customer was injured that day.

If you are a family member have found themselves involved with an assault type injury, please feel free to give me a call at (619) 813-7955.

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