One of the scariest types of motor vehicle accidents is a multi-car collision. You could suffer much more serious injuries due to the chain reaction of cars repeatedly colliding. To make matters worse, it's often quite complicated to prove fault and determine liability for compensation, plus everyone involved in the crash is expecting a financial recovery. You need the help of an experienced San Diego car accident attorney if you want to settle a claim successfully.

Leading Causes of Multi-Vehicle Wrecks in California 

Multi-car accident in San Diego California A multi-car crash is defined as any incident involving three or more vehicles. Depending on the reasons behind them, they result in numerous injuries and traffic complications—like this one that shut down the Carmel Valley Road to the I-5 South onramp in March 2020. Why do they happen? Here are the primary causes.


If a driver is speeding, there's no way he's allowing a two–to–three-car length distance behind other vehicles. A sudden stop by another motorist may be just the spark that starts the multi-car chain reaction. In addition, a speeding driver is more likely to lose control of his vehicle or cross the centerline.

Not Driving for Weather Conditions

Just before the crash in March 2020, the National Weather Service reported severe rainfall headed toward San Diego. Individuals who feel confident that nothing needs to change while driving in conditions such as heavy rain, fog, ice, and other inclement weather run the risk of serious accidents.

Following Too Closely

Impatient drivers who fail to maintain a safe distance or tailgate can cause a rear-end collision. On our congested highways, this behavior is a major cause of multi-car pileups.  

Distracted Driving

It's easy to think that taking our eyes off the road just for a second won't be a big deal, but even though California laws state it's illegal to talk or text while holding your phone, many motorists still do it. Other driving distractions include using GPS without a dashboard mount, eating, grooming, free-roaming pets, and other passengers. 


Any driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs—even prescription drugs—has reduced reaction time, vision, and judgment. These factors make it more likely that they'll engage in reckless behaviors such as tailgating and driving the wrong way on a highway or entrance or exit ramps.

Drowsy Driving

Driving while fatigued reduces abilities in similar ways to intoxication. Tired motorists might not realize they're drifting lanes, unable to remember the last few miles they’ve traveled, or hitting the road's rumble strip until it's too late.

Why Multi-Vehicle Crash Claims Are Complicated

If you were injured in a multi-auto accident, it's essential to your case that you understand why there might be complications and how skilled legal counsel can help you deal with them. Here are some of the issues that come up in these claims:

  • Multiple negligent parties. Although one person may have started the crash, other drivers might be partially to blame. Unfortunately, this means insurance companies for multiple negligent parties are in serious disagreement about collision liability.
  • Multiple victims. Sorting out the various levels of injuries motorists experience in a multi-car crash makes navigating compensation claims even more complex, especially if insurance carriers are looking for reasons to reduce financial recovery—or deny it altogether.   
  • Insufficient insurance. Carriers for negligent drivers are only responsible for paying victims up to the policy limits. When multiple people are seeking compensation, there may not be sufficient coverage to pay everyone what they deserve. If you purchased underinsured insurance coverage, you may need to file a claim with your own insurance company.

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