A sweep log is usually a document maintained by a business owner or retail store that documents the frequency and verification of looking out for hazardous conditions on a flooring surface that may cause a patron or customer to fall injuring themselves. Usually, the business owner will train his or her employees to walk the aisles every 15-30  minutes looking out for debris on the floor, and signing or initialing a log verifying the aisle was free from hazards, or if a hazard is found, take immediate action to clean or sweep up the hazardous condition.

Recent court decisions on some pivotal slip and fall case have shifted the burden to the retail business owner to prove he or she was reasonable in making sure the business premises are safe from danger, etc.   The longer a hazard is on a floor the more of a burden the business owner has to show they took reasonable steps to remedy the hazard.  A well documented sweep log can help protect the business owner in a legal action for slip and fall bodily injuries.

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