There isn't a minimum amount of medical expenses billed for insurance providers to be obliged to pay after a car crash in San Diego. If you're experiencing resistance from your insurance company after a car crash in San Diego, contact a San Diego trial lawyer who can explain your rights to you.

A San Diego trial lawyer can help you determine what damages you may be entitled to as a result of the injuries you sustained in the accident. Your insurance company must provide fair and just compensation provided it can be proven that your injuries were the result of another party's negligence on the road.

However, your insurance provider may only cover your medical expenses up to the limits of your automobile insurance policy, the minimum limit of which is: 
  • $15,000 for death or injury of one person;
  • $30,000 for all persons in any one accident; and
  • $5,000 for property damage in any one accident.  

However, your insurance provider will not necessarily pay out to the limits of your policy. It is an unfortunate reality of auto insurance claims that many providers attempt to purposefully undervalue the damages you have sustained. 

Insurance providers will generally prefer to pay one lump sum after an accident rather than obliging themselves to pay your medical expenses as they come due. It is advisable to purchase an additional coverage option that your carrier may provide called "medical payments coverage."

This coverage will pay your medical expenses as they are incurred up to the limits of your policy and can even be used for deductibles and co-payments that your health insurance policy may apply.

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