This is a common question many clients ask me. While there's not a firm answer on how quickly your case can be settled with the dog bite owner’s insurance company, there are certain factors that impact on how long it could take. Let's review them.

3 Reasons Why It Might Take a Long Time to Resolve Your Dog Bite Claim

How long to settle a dog bite caseAlthough California laws stipulate that the dog owner faces strict liability if his animal bit you, this doesn't mean their insurance company will quickly settle your claim. Here are three factors that impact how quickly your claim is settled.

The Seriousness of Your Injuries

More severe injuries result in higher claim value. Because of this, an insurance carrier often demands more medical proof and explanations as to the state of your injuries and its client's liability to avoid a costly payout.   

Your Medical Recovery

You shouldn't settle your case until you reach maximum medical recovery. This is the stage of your medical treatment where you've either fully recovered from your injuries or have healed as much as you can, and a doctor issues a final prognosis.

Why is it important to wait until this point to settle your case? You need to have a full account of future medical expenses, wage losses, and pain and suffering to ensure a proper settlement.


Many dog bite cases settle without the need for litigation. However, if the provider refuses to be reasonable, you'll need to file a lawsuit against the negligent dog bite owner. It could take months or longer while your case is litigated or decided at a jury trial.

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