PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY: Does my California Personal Injury case need an attorney?

The simple truth is, not every injury case will need a lawyer. This is mostly true of cases where there are minor injuries or extremely low property damage, such as a car versus car accident. Sometimes after an accident resulting in an injury, a person will feel sore, go to their doctor maybe once or twice and, eventually, get better. Sometimes, a person may even attend a few physical therapy sessions. In those cases, it may be better for the person to settle their case on their own directly with the insurance company, since using an attorney will create attorneys’ fees and costs.  However, no matter how a minor an accident or injury is, you should seek good legal counsel to help make an informed decision of using an attorney or not.  Obtain a FREE copy of my book "The 10 Secrets with Your Injury Case" available on this website for more information.