CA MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEY: ACCIDENT STATISTICS: What are the statistics of a motorcyclist getting injured or killed in a California motorcycle accident?

Motorcycles can be dangerous if not used or maintained properly (just like with any motor vehicle).  However, motorcycles do not have "inside compartments" to protect the rider like an enclosed vehicle.  Motorcycle rider fatalities (deaths) as well as registrations have been on the rise since the late 1990's (beginning in 1997). A recent report card issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

"for 2004 says that 4008 motorcyclists died in 2004 and 76,000 were injured. About half of all motorcycles involved in a fatal crash collided with another motor vehicle. A little over one-third of cyclists that died were speeding, approximately twice the rate for drivers of passenger vehicles or light trucks. Almost half of the fatal accidents show alcohol involvement. One out of four motorcycle operators that were involved in fatal crashes had an invalid license. Helmets saved approximately 1158 lives in 2003; another 640 lives could have saved if helmets were worn."

If you ride motorcycle, make sure you understand all of the California traffic safety rules, wear a helmet, and protective clothing; and make sure your motor bike is up to all repairs and safety requirements; including good tires, and proper air pressure.

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